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Get Ready to be “Thinking Organized” this Summer!

Ready Reader

Our “Ready Reader” reading program provides one-on-one or small group (book club) reading support, helping your child to:

  • Reinforce basic decoding skills as needed
  • Work to improve reading comprehension
  • Learn to analyze text, understand deeper meaning of text
  • Develop inferential skills
  • Complete written work assigned with summer reading

“Last summer, one of my favorite parts of the day was meeting with my book club. Not only were we able to accomplish a challenging, 406-page summer reading book, but also we had many lively discussions, engaged in fun book-related activities, and practiced the all-important skill of annotating so that every person left book club with a solid understanding of the novel well ahead of the due date and a smile on his face!”
-Thinking Organized Mentor


Just Write

Our “Just Write” writing clinic provides one-on-one writing support for all ages and abilities, helping your child to learn how to:

  • Tackle writing with greater fluency and ease
  • Implement a variety of pre-writing strategies
  • Structure and organize different types of writing
  • Capture your child’s creative ideas and put them on paper

“The Just Write program gave my students a chance to gain confidence in their writing skills. They enjoyed writing about topics that mattered to them and having an opportunity to practice many different writing styles in a stress-free environment.”
-Thinking Organized Mentor


NEW!! Operation: Back-to-School

This unique program tackles the most annoying, yet critical, parts of helping your child to gear up for school.

A Thinking Organized mentor will meet with your child to:

  • Purchase and organize school supplies
  • Set up an organizational system for binders, notebooks, and lockers that work for your child
  • Develop systems for a smooth morning routine
  • Teach techniques that lead to successful work completion
  • Help increase your child’s awareness of the importance of self-advocacy skills and how to implement them


ATTENTION: Parents of High School Juniors & Seniors

If your children are graduating high school in the spring or are incoming high school juniors, consider enrolling them in Thinking Organized’s “Next Stop: College” program, and even participating in the seminar yourself!

Going to college is an exciting new chapter, one that is fast-paced and requires a new level of independence. The strategies and skills students will need to organize their class schedule, extracurricular activities and dorm life will be very different than what they used in high school. Understanding how to plan and manage the next four years will be critical to their success. Don’t panic! They can hit the ground running in college by beginning to prepare NOW!

Topics covered in the student series include:

  • Registering for classes and what to look out for
  • The book-buying process
  • The importance of your first week on campus
  • Becoming an expert at managing time and your hectic schedule
  • How to advocate for yourself
  • Learning to perfect your own note-taking techniques, regardless of how the college professor presents them
  • Handling the reading overload
  • Writing your own rules for papers
  • How to study and when to cram
  • Topics covered in the two-hour parent session include:
  • Learning how to help your child navigate the first year of school
  • Understanding signs of struggle before they become academic issues
  • Knowing when to suggest reaching out to a professor or seeking outside tutoring help



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Erica MechlinskiGet Ready to be “Thinking Organized” this Summer!