Executive Function Coaching

Thinking Organized offers a unique program for students K-12. The program focuses on helping the disorganized thinker approach work and daily activities in a systematic and efficient way.

Our strategies are designed for those individuals with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Executive Function weaknesses, language processing difficulties, and diagnosed, or even undiagnosed, learning challenges.

After an initial consultation, students are carefully matched with an Educational Mentor or Speech Language Pathologist who will help them learn valuable strategies for enhancing skills, including:

    • Managing materials and time
    • Studying
    • Memory and effective retrieval of information
    • Note taking
    • Reading comprehension
    • Organizing ideas to produce clear written language

For students who struggle, this is a positive road to achievement. Students meet with their mentor at least once a week to learn the Thinking Organized skills and strategies. Continued practice and reinforcement allows them to achieve success, improve self-esteem, and become their own best advocates.

“It’s hard to imagine my son ever making it through high school without Rhona Gordon and Thinking Organized. He was taught how to organize, how to approach his work, and for the first time, how to study. His writing improved dramatically, and he is now able to face the challenges of college.”

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