Decoding & Spelling


Thinking Organized’s summer programs run on a weekly cycle, Monday – Thursday for one hour each day, throughout the summer.

  • Ready Reader: Decoding and Spelling is offered at 12 p.m. each week, and prior registration is required.
  • Each program is individualized and one-on-one.
  • The cost per four-day program is $595.

To schedule this summer program:

  • Click the registration link and follow the steps.
    • Select a start date and time on the calendar (programs always start on a Monday).
    • Select your preferred location (Thinking Organized office or virtual) and fill out the questionnaire.
    • Submit payment via PayPal (there is an option to pay by credit card, as well).

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Ready Reader: Spelling and Decoding

Help your child gain confidence in core reading skills with Thinking Organized’s Decoding & Spelling program!

In this one-on-one, four-day program, your children will participate in decoding and encoding programs to strengthen their reading and spelling skills. We will assess your child to determine the appropriate entry point to the program using a variety of screeners, questionnaires, and information from you!

Please Note: The program entry point is not dictated by age but by your child’s skill level.

Based on results from our screeners, your child will engage in one of the following for the length of the program. Additional weeks can be added (and are recommended!) for more robust skills development.


    • Improve ability to identify sound/symbol relationships
    • Build awareness of syllables
    • Blend sounds together to decode unfamiliar words
    • Manipulate sounds to strengthen phonemic awareness


      • Improve ability to recognize patterns in words
      • Decode unfamiliar words
      • Read more fluently
      • Apply spelling rules to unfamiliar words


    • Improve ability to recognize patterns in multisyllabic words
    • Decode unfamiliar, complex words
    • Read more fluently
    • Learn and apply suffix rules
Erica MechlinskiDecoding & Spelling