Concussion & Cognition Program 

Our Concussion and Cognition Program will service patients suffering from mild, post-concussive cognitive deficits, which often impact executive functioning and  language skills.

Our team of Speech-Language Pathologists provides an initial evaluation and designs a  treatment plan that is individualized for both pediatric and adult populations. Additionally, we offer highly specialized services to support individuals after injuries have occurred, and preliminary  therapies have been completed.  

The Role of Speech-Language Pathologists in the Treatment of Concussion: 

Speech-Language Pathologists play a central role in the screening, assessment, and treatment of persons with TBI, which  include clinical services, advocacy, and education. Speech-Language Pathologists are well-equipped to  treat the following: 

  • Memory
  • Attention
  • Executive Function
  • Pragmatics

Our Evaluation Process Includes: 

  • An initial consultation and goal-oriented interview 
  • Discourse and task-completion analysis 
  • Further dynamic assessment as needed 

Our Evidence-Based Treatment Includes: 

  • Goal Attainment Scaling to improve patients’ self-efficacy and self-determination 
  • Applications and technology to reinforce strategies and support cognition 
  • Individualized functional strategies to improve activities of daily living 

We specialize in providing evidence-based strategies to support our clients’ cognition,  executive functioning, and language skills to help them reach their potential. We also recommend  accommodations and environmental modifications at home, school, and work to improve our patients’  performance. 

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Erica MechlinskiConcussion & Cognition Program