College Applications Workshop


Thinking Organized’s College Applications Workshop is an 8-session workshop that can be spread over 4 weeks. If you’d like to condense the program into fewer weeks, we will do our best to accommodate.

  • Each session lasts one hour.
  • Each program is individualized and one-on-one.
  • The cost per 8-session workshop is $1,100.

To register for this summer program:

  • Send an inquiry email to and be sure to submit answers to the following questions. Not including this information will slow down the registration process.
    1. What is your child’s first and last name?
    2. Has your child started looking at potential colleges? If yes, what are their top options?
    3. What major does your child plan on pursuing?
    4. Has your child visited any colleges?
    5. Has your child started writing their Common App essay or individual college supplementals?
  • Submit payment via the PayPal link: HERE!

When both steps are completed, we will get in touch soon to confirm your purchase and schedule the program.

This summer, make the process of applying to college easier by enrolling in our College Applications Workshop!

Our eight-day program supports all students but is specifically tailored to those with ADHD and executive functioning weaknesses. Students at any stage in the application process are welcome to participate, whether they are still identifying potential schools, planning college visits, writing the Common App essay, and more. Get ahead of the stress and worry that comes with thinking about the next big phase in your child’s life by signing up today for our program!

Session topics may include:

  • Identifying key elements desired within a school, such as major programs and support
  • Adding schools to the Common App portal and creating lists of needed materials (e.g., teacher recommendations, resumes, portfolios)
  • Reviewing sample Common App essays and brainstorming essay topics
  • Outlining supplemental writings
  • Developing a schedule for the completion of applications
Erica MechlinskiCollege Applications Workshop