Operation: Back-to-School

Thinking Organized’s Operation: Back-to-School program will help prepare your children for a successful start to the school year and beyond! This unique program tackles the most annoying, yet critical, parts of helping your children to gear up for school.

Is this program right for you? Ask yourself, are you:

  • Fretting over that long “back-to-school” shopping list?
    Ship the list to us and we will do the shopping for you! We will have your children’s backpacks organized, ready and zipped for the first day.
  • Tired of crumbled up permission slips or missing homework?
    We will work on organizational systems for binders, notebooks and lockers that work best for your children.
  • Scrambling to get your kids up and out of the door every morning?
    Rather than pouring a bucket of water on their heads, learn systems for a smooth morning routine, including getting out of bed, finding shoes, and remembering to brush teeth – stress-free.
  • Sick of asking, “have you finished your homework?” at least three times a night?
    We will teach techniques that lead to successful work completion.
  • Hoping your students will speak up or take advantage of their teacher’s help?
    We will help them be more aware of why they need to self-advocate and how to do it.

This program meets daily for 75-minute sessions Monday – Thursday at the Thinking Organized office.


  • Week of August 13: (Option 1) 10:15-11:30 a.m., M-TH
  • Week of August 20: (Option 1) 10:15-11:30 a.m., M-TH
  • Week of August 27: (Option 1) 10:15-11:30 a.m., M-TH OR (Option 2) 4-5:15 p.m., M-TH

COST: $485/Week

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Erica MechlinskiOperation: Back-to-School