Just Write

Just Write is an individualized approach to improving a student’s writing. In this week-long, one-on-one series, students will learn strategies to assist them in every step of the writing process, including pre-writing, researching, drafting, revising, and editing. Skills such as fluency, organization, transitions, coherency, and analysis will be targeted in each meeting so that students have hands-on practice utilizing these tools. Prior to the first session, students will be asked to complete a diagnostic writing assignment and submit an academic writing sample.

Sample Schedule for Program:

Day 1: Pre-Writing Strategies, Structure Words, Transition Words

Day 2: Researching, Outlining, S.E.E. Method

Day 3: First Drafts, Introductions, Conclusions

Day 4: Revisions, Edits, Schedules

This program meets daily for 75-minute sessions Monday- Thursday at the Thinking Organized office. All programs can be adapted for students in Middle School, High School, or College. Contact us for programs for younger students.

**Just Write can be combined with our Master Math and Ready Reader programs. The combined programs will be offered at a discounted rate.

Please contact the office for program availability: office@thinkingorganized.com or 301-986-1503.

COST: $485/Week
COMBINED PROGRAM COST (Master Math + Ready Reader + Just Write): Discounted to $1,355/Week

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