Just Write: The College Level


Thinking Organized’s summer programs run on a weekly cycle, Monday – Thursday for one hour each day, throughout the summer.

  • Just Write: The College Level is offered at 2 p.m. each week, and prior registration is required.
  • Each program is individualized and one-on-one.
  • The cost per four-day program is $595.

To schedule this summer program:

  • Select a start date and time on the calendar (programs always start on a Monday).
  • Select your preferred location (Thinking Organized office or virtual) and fill out the questionnaire.
  • Submit payment via PayPal (there is an option to pay by credit card, as well).

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Just Write: The College Level

Writing is a challenge at every level, and as your child prepares to brave the world of writing in college, we’d like to help!

In this week-long, one-on-one program, your child will review fundamental writing skills, including pre-writing, researching, drafting, and revising, and how to enhance these skills to meet the demands of college-level writing. Core skills such as fluency, conciseness, and analysis can also be highlighted in sessions so that students learn how to draft strong essays for any discipline in which they may write. Writing effectively in college is crucial to success, and we are here to support your child!

Session topics may include:

  • Learning how to write at the college level
  • Developing effective pre-writing strategies
  • Exploring academic databases and incorporating research into essays
  • Analyzing sources on a deeper level
  • Revising at the paragraph-level
  • Writing in specific disciplines
Erica MechlinskiJust Write: The College Level