College/Graduate Students & Young Professionals

College/Graduate Students

Thinking Organized can help college and graduate students manage their academic course load and structure their time.

After an initial consultation, students are carefully matched with an Educational Mentor who meets with them in person or remotely through Skype to enhance a variety of essential skills, such as:

    • Effective time management so that deadlines are met consistently
    • Setting priorities and sticking to them
    • Managing the reading overload
    • Study skills and test-taking method
    • Analytical and in-depth writing

Young Professionals

Thinking Organized helps young professionals enter the “real world” successfully. Learn how to obtain a healthy work-life balance while managing multiple responsibilities.

Get the job!

    • Organize resumes and cover letters
    • Develop a systematic approach to finding employment
    • Learn interview techniques

Keep the job!

    • Manage time effectively and set priorities
    • Tailor writing for a variety of business purposes
    • Organize files and documents – on and off the computer

Once students and young professionals learn to manage their schedule and obligations, they gain confidence, have more free time to pursue outside interests, and are better equipped to achieve success.

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