Next Stop: College

The Parent/Student Guide to Everything the Orientation Won’t Tell You and How You Need to Prepare NOW!

Summer One-on-One Series:
Students Grades 11-12 & Parents

Congratulations, you’ve been accepted!  Going to college is an exciting new chapter, one that is fast-paced and requires a new level of independence. The strategies and skills you will need to organize your class schedule, extracurricular activities, and dorm life will be very different than what you used in high school. Understanding how to plan and manage the next four years will be critical to your success. Don’t panic!  You can hit the ground running in college by beginning to prepare NOW!

Join Thinking Organized in a one-on-one summer series that will focus on the key areas that tend to get overlooked while preparing to head off to college.

**NOTE**  This series would also benefit:

    • High school juniors beginning the college application process
    • Transfer students beginning the year in a new school
    • Current college students who would like to start their year strong with better organizational and study skills


Session 1: Starting Out Right

  • Setting up accommodations 
  • Creating your college schedule
  • Dorm organization — what to buy and when to buy!
  • Taking mental and physical care of yourself 

Session 2: Getting Into It

  • Choosing a method to record your assignments in (planner, app, etc.)
  • Keeping your academic materials organized in your dorm
  • How to successfully manage your time between classes, studying, and social activities 
  • Remaining focused while completing homework

Session 3: Studying and Reading 

  • Choosing an ideal place to study
  • Understanding your learning style and the memory strategies that work best for you
  • How to advocate for yourself and manage anxiety 
  • Actively reading texts and comprehending the material, taking notes both in class and in the dorm

Session 4: Written Language 

  • Understanding expectations for different types of essays
  • Utilizing the writing process effectively 
  • How to research and find appropriate sources
  • Writing at the college level — what makes it different from high school? 

This program is four days total and meets for 90 minutes each day, Monday – Thursday. The program cost is $550.


Topics covered include:

    • Learning how to help your child navigate the first year of school
    • Understanding signs of struggle before they become academic issues
    • Knowing when to suggest reaching out to a professor or seeking outside tutoring help
  • Please contact the office to schedule a parent session.

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