Next Stop: College

The Parent/Student Guide to Everything the Orientation Won’t Tell You and How You Need to Prepare NOW!

Summer One-on-One Series:
Students Grades 11-12 & Parents

Congratulations, you’ve been accepted!  Going to college is an exciting new chapter, one that is fast-paced and requires a new level of independence. The strategies and skills you will need to organize your class schedule, extracurricular activities, and dorm life will be very different than what you used in high school. Understanding how to plan and manage the next four years will be critical to your success. Don’t panic!  You can hit the ground running in college by beginning to prepare NOW!

Join Thinking Organized in a week-long, one-on-one summer series that will focus on the key areas that tend to get overlooked while preparing to head off to college.

**NOTE**  This series would also benefit:

    • High school juniors beginning the college application process 
    • Transfer students beginning the year in a new school
    • Current college students who would like to start their year strong with better organizational and study skills


Session 1: Starting Out Right
What you need to prepare before stepping on campus and the importance of your first week.

Session 2: Getting Into It
Learn how to manage your time successfully between studying, classes and social activities.

Session 3: How to Study and When to Cram 
The “I hate studying” guide to studying, including strategies for reading, note-taking, skimming, understanding material vs. memorizing, and more.

Session 4: Writing and Self-advocacy
Learn writing techniques and strategies, including how to limit a paper or expand it. Spot signs of trouble early and know what to do. Understand the importance of self-advocacy, reducing anxiety and not getting overwhelmed.

This week-long program meets daily for 90-minute sessions Monday- Thursday at the Thinking Organized office.


COST: $550/Week


Please contact Courtney O’Boyle, Director of Client Experience, with questions: or 301-986-1503.


Topics covered include:

    • Learning how to help your child navigate the first year of school
    • Understanding signs of struggle before they become academic issues
    • Knowing when to suggest reaching out to a professor or seeking outside tutoring help

Please contact the office to schedule a parent session.

Next Stop: College - Registration

Please note - you will receive a confirmation email immediately after your submission. If you do not receive this email, contact or 301-986-1503. Thank you!
  • This week-long program meets daily for 90-minute sessions Monday-Thursday at the Thinking Organized office. Due to the individualized nature of our programs, time slots are scheduled in the order in which registration forms are received. Please specify your preferred weeks we will contact you within three business days to confirm.
  • Please let us know the preferred time you would like to schedule this program. Your child's program will run the same time every day, Mon-Thurs.
  • Price: $550.00
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