Next Stop: College


Thinking Organized’s summer programs run on a weekly cycle, Monday – Thursday for one hour each day, throughout the summer.

  • Next Stop: College is offered at 9:30 a.m. each week, and prior registration is required.
  • Each program is individualized and one-on-one.
  • The cost per four-day program is $650.

To schedule this summer program:

  • Click the registration link and follow the steps.
    • Select a start date and time on the calendar (programs always start on a Monday).
    • Select your preferred location (Thinking Organized office or virtual) and fill out the questionnaire.
    • Submit payment via PayPal (there is an option to pay by credit card, as well).

Click here to register!

Next Stop: College

Congratulations, your child has been accepted into college!

Though you are excited, you worry for your child in a novel, fast-paced world that requires a new level of independence… what will they do without you and the typical routine that they have become accustomed to over the last few years?

To prepare your child for this transition, join Thinking Organized this summer in our Next Stop: College program. In this week-long, one-on-one workshop, your child will learn strategies and skills for managing their class schedule and workload, extracurricular activities, dorm life, and more. The thought of college can be scary, but our program can help both you and your child feel more confident about their transition into this next phase of life!

Session topics may include:

  • Summer tasks, including choosing classes, creating a packing list, reviewing the school map, and submitting paperwork for accommodations
  • Developing effective time management skills for a variety of class types (e.g., reading-heavy, writing-heavy, etc.)
  • Learning how to study effectively for midterms and finals
  • Understanding the basic differences between high school and college writing
  • Maintaining independent living skills and identifying important places on campus (e.g., Writing Center, health clinic)
Erica MechlinskiNext Stop: College