Preparing for College

Thinking Organized can help college-bound juniors and seniors make the most out of their last years of high school as they engage in the college application process. Our mentors introduce skills and strategies during individualized sessions to guide students through the process until they reach the day when there are big envelopes with acceptance letters in the mail!

Skills and strategies include:

  • Organizing and writing an application essay
  • Preparing for the SAT/ACT
  • Test taking strategies
  • Time management
  • Managing a schedule for multiple application deadlines
  • Organizing materials from various schools into an easy-to-use system
  • Self-advocating for oneself in reaching out to prospective schools, teachers, and advisors

Remote Consultations Available – Schedule a session with a member of the Thinking Organized team remotely via Skype from the comfort of your own home. For more information, contact (301) 986-1503 or email

College Preparation Seminars


(GRADES 10-11) 

Applying for college is not an easy road to navigate. It requires a clear map, plenty of signposts, and an organized approach at every turn. With solid time management skills, students can juggle multiple deadlines and prevent last minute scrambling. With an organized approach to writing, students can successfully draft and revise application essays and supplements. Strong executive functioning skills empower students to meet the challenges of the application process head on. Thinking Organized offers three student sessions and one parent session.

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(GRADES 11-12) 

Congratulations, you’ve been accepted!  Going to college is an exciting new chapter, one that is fast-paced and requires a new level of independence.  The strategies and skills you will need to organize your class schedule, extracurricular activities and dorm life will be very different than what you have used in high school. Understanding how to plan and manage the next four years will be critical to your success.  Don’t panic!  You can hit the ground running in college by beginning to prepare NOW!

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