Thinking Organized’s SAT/ACT Prep program was built from the ground up to help give every student the tools they need to reach their best possible score.

Why is this program different?

Our approach is designed specifically for students that struggle with ADHD and executive function weaknesses. Our children learn differently and thrive with specific structures; so, we developed our SAT/ACT program to meet those needs.

We look at the student’s strengths and weaknesses, and how they best learn information. Then, we tailor a program that is specific to the individual and show students how to use their stronger skills to bolster the weaker ones.

Program Structure:

Students will meet with their mentor for a minimum of 8 sessions.

Every session is built around one of the core mathematical or English concepts on the SAT/ACT. 

  • Before the first session, the student completes an assessment to determine their strengths and weaknesses in both content and question types. This assessment is used to create a unique program to build on their strengths and shore up their weaknesses.
  • Before each session, the student completes homework designed to give a more in-depth look at their current comfort level with the topic for that session.
  • Their Mentor then uses that assessment to build a unique lesson for the student based on their current strengths and weaknesses.
  • After the lesson, the student works together with their Mentor on a series of problems of increasing difficulty with a focus on building understanding and teaching strategies to help the student answer a specific type of questions correctly.
  • Based on the student’s performance, their Mentor customizes homework designed to continue the student’s growth in both content knowledge (e.g. linear equations) and skill development (e.g. picking numbers). 

Sample Math Session:

Linear Equations

  • The assessment reveals that linear equations is an area of relative strength for this student.
  • Based on this assessment, the student’s Mentor builds a lesson focused on difficult word problems, because parsing word problems is an area of relative weakness for the student.
  • Together the student and Mentor work through medium difficulty word problems identifying the steps involved in dissecting the problem.
  • The student is sent home with higher-level linear equations word problems to continue building content knowledge in linear equations and building the student’s comfort level with the important strategy of converting word problems piece by piece into math problems.

Sample English Session:

Conventions of Grammar

  • The assessment reveals that grammar is an area of relative weakness for this student.
  • Based on this assessment, the student’s Mentor builds a lesson focused on the basics of grammar like subject-verb agreement, run-on sentences, and punctuation.
  • Together the student and Mentor work through easy grammar questions focusing on correctly identifying the concept and applying the appropriate rule.
  • The student is sent home with more low level and some medium level questions to answer to continue building this skill.

COST: $150/session
(Students will meet virtually for a minimum of 8 sessions. Progress will then be evaluated to determine if additional sessions are needed.)

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