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The Transition Isn’t Over Yet

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By Colette Hapi

It’s October (yay Fall!), and we’re a little over a month into the academic year. Usually, around this time, students have gotten used to their schedules and are really getting into the swing of things. However, this year is unlike any other. After a year and a half of virtual or hybrid learning, getting acclimated to participating in activities in person, including school, has been easy for some students but hard for others. Many students thrived on the online platform and relished in completing their assignments at a leisurely pace. Now, having to make the shift to school as they knew it, many are finding themselves struggling under the weight of the demands and expectations. 

While it may be tempting to take a step back during this “normal” time, we’re finding that students are still very much in need of assistance to adjust to this transition. If your children are finding it difficult to manage their in-person classes, there are a few steps that we highly recommend you try: 

  • Make sure that your children are staying on top of their work by checking in with them and encouraging them to use a calendar or planner to track their work 
  • Help them review each subject as needed (if you’re not a math whiz, help them identify someone who could be a good resource!)
  • Ensure that your children pencil in some social time with friends
  • Assist your children in advocating for themselves
  • Frequently check in on your children’s mental health

There’s no argument that the past year and a half has been physically, emotionally, and mentally challenging. Our children need more support now than in pre-COVID times, and that’s okay! As they get used to the hustle and bustle of a regular school year, you can slowly start to scale back your level of help. We will all get through this together! 

Erica MechlinskiThe Transition Isn’t Over Yet

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