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Benefits of Nature on Cognition

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We hope you had a wonderful summer of fun and adventure! Summer is often the season when we get a chance to spend more time outside, whether that’s hiking, biking, swimming, or more. As the school year starts up, though, it can be hard to find the time to even take a simple walk. Sitting in a classroom or office all day is difficult on kids and adults alike, so this year, we highly recommend that you recharge in nature. According to scientists, here are some of the perks of spending time in the great outdoors:

Improves                                             Decreases 

focus                                                 anxiety and stress

short-term memory                         ADHD symptoms 

mood                                                 mental fatigue

stress hormones

Directed attention (what you might think of as focusing on a task for work or school) can be mentally exhausting if it is overused. Thinking Organized promotes focusing smarter not harder! We encourage taking strategic breaks to be efficient, and finding a green space to rest in might bring extra benefits.

According to Stress Recovery Theory and Attention Restoration Theory, the environment we are in can have a huge effect on psychological stress and mental fatigue. Many studies suggest that a natural environment can be more restorative than an urban one. Additionally, nature creates a stimulating environment that allows people to take a break from directed focus, allowing them to recharge. This creates feelings of fascination and has an overall positive effect. To focus more effectively on school and work, try spending some time in nature. Playing sports, having a picnic, gardening, hiking, or going on a walk can all provide a helpful dose of time outside. Just because summer is over doesn’t mean that we need to stay cooped up inside. 

At Thinking Organized, we are passionate about supporting and improving our clients’ cognitive abilities and providing them with solutions and tips to help them live a more productive life. 

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Erica MechlinskiBenefits of Nature on Cognition

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