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Staying ZEN: Healthy Habits that Promote Success as We Go Back to School

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By Cassie Castro

We live in a world that’s buzzing with expectations and suggestions. With so much going on, it becomes easy to forget how to slow things down, be in the moment, and stay authentic to our true selves. Going back to school is an exciting and nervous time for many students as they prepare to once again immerse themselves into a pool of diverse pressures while facing new academic challenges.

By now, you’re probably tired of seeing the popular list of “Back to school” tips that we’ve all become familiar with. This list includes things like:

  • Utilizing a planner
  • Designing a dedicated space for learning at home
  • Having an organizational system for papers and notebooks
  • Planning ahead

While these are all tips that we agree and share with our students, there are some practices that are often undervalued and overlooked but can have massive implications for our health and happiness, thus promoting success not only at school but in all aspects of life. Starting these practices at any age can be beneficial to forming healthy, lifelong habits. Some of my favorites include:

  • Spend time in nature. Nature lets us come as we are and welcomes us. Nature provides a space for solace from the terrors of technology and suppressions of society.
  • Meditate. Take time for active reflection by bringing awareness to both your mind and body. Meditating lets us connect with ourselves in ways we may not have thought possible.
  • Practice breathing exercises. Self-soothing and calming is an important tool, especially in an age so filled with uncertainty. Being able to calm yourself in a high-stress situation is key in 2023.
  • Plan manageable routines. Create a routine that encourages balance, a routine that allows the practices noted above to be exercised and not rushed or forgotten. Set healthy boundaries, too! Recognize when you need to disconnect from your work email or when you need to get to bed early.
  • Find and do your passion. Find an activity that you care about that helps you express who you are. Whether it’s rowing, knitting, or puzzling, find something that allows you to take a step back from the world and enjoy time with yourself.
  • Create meaningful relationships. Focus on creating relationships with peers who accept you for who you are and elevate you. Find your people!
  • Live in kindness. Let all you do be done with a lens of kindness. Actions in kindness heal yourself and those around you.

While this isn’t your average “Back to School” prep list, these practices are sure to provide you with a sense of peace that’ll promote a successful transition into the start of any school year! What practices are you going to try this year?

Erica MechlinskiStaying ZEN: Healthy Habits that Promote Success as We Go Back to School

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