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There’s No Place Like. . .

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The issue of “Where to Study” is just as important as “What to Study” and “When to Study.” However, this longtime parental dilemma does not have a “one size fits all solution.” The number of places that fit the bill for optimal studying is as varied as each one of us. Additionally, studying needs change as the child grows older and what worked for elementary school may not be appropriate for middle or high school.  Therefore, we’ve interviewed a few of our parents and students and bring you a few responses:

Bobby, Age 8 (response provided by mom): I spent a lot of time choosing the perfect desk for my left-handed son, and stocking it with every school supply that I thought would help him. However, if I send him into this work environment that would be the envy of most children, he will get busy rearranging his pens or using the colored pencils to draw amazing pictures or any number of other activities that do not relate to his academics. The only place where I can be sure that Bobby is doing his homework is right next to me. I save homework time for myself to do bills, open the mail or catch up on other paperwork. In this way, I can keep Bobby on task without driving myself crazy.

Jessica, Age 20: My dorm room is the worst place to study. My roommates always have something more exciting planned than schoolwork and between the snack breaks and catching up on the daily gossip – I get nothing done. The best place for me to study is in a quiet place in the library. The first floor of the library is for socializing (a great place to meet boys). However, you can reserve small study rooms which are completely silent, or venture to the corners of the higher floors where you will only find serious students who also do not want to be interrupted.

Michelle, Age 12: I like to study in my mother’s office. She doesn’t have T.V., but she does have a fancy computer and lots of different color pens. I don’t like to study where it’s too quiet, and in Mom’s office I can still hear the family in the rest of the house. It’s a great place for me to concentrate.

Jacob, Age 16: Rhona Gordon had a great idea that works for me – Starbucks! Their wireless internet is faster than my school’s, the coffee keeps me awake and I feel motivated to stay until I accomplish the goals that I have set for myself.

Ben, Age 10: (response provided by dad): Ben is a pistol! I love studying history with him because he has such funny and unique responses. Sometimes I find that I get him distracted because I get more involved teaching him what I remember instead of helping him stay focused on his homework. So generally, he goes in his room to work. When he has a test to study for, he will let me help him make a study guide or flashcards. When he has a project, he usually runs his ideas past me before sending me to the store. Other than that, I try to stay out of his way.

These are a sampling of the ways our students study best. However, don’t let the list die here! Please click here to let us know what methods work well for you or your child. It’s possible that your ideas might help someone else find their perfect studying spot.

smortoThere’s No Place Like. . .

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