Speak and Stutter Freely 

Building comfort, confidence, and community 

If you or a loved one stutters, you are in great company! One out of every hundred people lives with this experience. Each individual will describe stuttering differently, with some overlapping themes – it can be a source of frustration, it can be a source of pride, and it can be both! Join the speech therapy team at Thinking Organized this summer to explore the many sides of stuttering in Speak and Stutter Freely: Building Comfort, Confidence and Community. During a four-day cycle, which can be repeated to cover topics of interest in greater depth, participants will have the opportunity to build knowledge and practice skills in a reduced-stress environment, with the goal of empowering themselves as communicators. 

This program will be adapted to each individual. 

For children in school, topics might include:

  • Learning about the basics of speech and stuttering
  • Understanding your own stuttering pattern
  • Exploring and playing with ways to keep speech moving forward
  • Naming the feelings of stuttering and finding ways to build positive ones

For older individuals, topics might include

  • Analyzing your own stuttering patterns to look for opportunities for choice and change 
  • Evaluating the pros and cons of different techniques that may support fluency 
  • Connecting with the broader community of people who stutter 
  • Advocating for one’s self as a communicator


  • 1 hour per day, Monday – Thursday for one week
  • The cost per individual program (4 days) is $495
  • If desired, additional sessions can be added in increments of 4 days (Monday – Thursday format)

Erica MechlinskiSpeak and Stutter Freely