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Start the School Year Thinking Organized

Nothing beats the newness of back to school: fresh, blank pages in pristine, colorful notebooks, sharpened pencils, and ambitious minds full of resolutions. However, with a little pre-planning now, you can establish systems to help your child maintain that feeling of organization throughout the school year. Effective structures for managing two key aspects of life – materials and time – are essential for working smarter, reducing stress and thinking organized.

Everyone has experienced the panic of not being able to find something crucial (like the car keys) minutes before you have to run out the door. Or the sinking feeling you get when you’ve forgotten something important. Help your child avoid these issues by setting in place systems of effective material organization.

Time management is one of the biggest problems I see in my practice, both with children and adults. Many individuals have not learned how to estimate time appropriately, struggle with beginning difficult or boring tasks, find themselves wasting large amounts of time or are constantly running late. Instituting strategies to organize obligations will help your child learn the importance of dividing, allocating and using time effectively, a skill that will prove invaluable throughout his life.

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smortoStart the School Year Thinking Organized