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Motivating Students Towards Academic Achievement

Now that your child has about a month of the new school year under his belt, it’s time to talk about how to keep him motivated throughout the school year. While some children don’t know how to meet their academic goals, many just lose the motivation to put in the time and effort that good grades require.

Here’s where you can help. Instituting a system of behavior modification – the awarding and withholding of privileges and rewards – can encourage students to do their best.

Psychological research has proven that behavior that is rewarded or reinforced tends to be repeated. Unacknowledged behavior tends to diminish or disappear. The principles of behavior modification are simply a formal method that observes behavior and seeks to shape it in positive ways.

Communication is an important part of the process. Students need to know exactly what is expected of them. Each goal should be specific, realistic and achievable. When children encounter failure, show them how to correct mistakes and move on, being quick to praise positive results.

The reward does not have to be expensive or edible in order to be effective.

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smortoMotivating Students Towards Academic Achievement