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Reinforce Time Management Strategies Now!

Time management is one of the most pervasive problems seen in the Thinking Organized practice. Adults who struggle to organize their time effectively often feel that they are running on a hamster wheel every day, dashing from one “emergency” to another, leaving them feeling ineffective, panicky and stressed. Students experience similar anxieties when they make mistakes in estimating how long an assignment will take or putting off a task or project. Most of us remember the feeling of having to “pull an all-nighter” to cram for an exam or finish a paper. Not fun!

However, many parents don’t realize how valuable the summer break can be for reinforcing time management strategies. After all, organizing time is not just an exercise for school, but a lifelong skill that can affect every hour of every day. During the more relaxed days of summer, practicing time management techniques can be accomplished without major consequences for mistakes; therefore, it is a safer time to let your child be in charge.

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smortoReinforce Time Management Strategies Now!