Master Math

Thinking Organized’s Master Math program provides one-on-one support, helping your child build confidence in math skills including: basic math (grades 3-8), pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, and calculus. During this week-long program, students will strengthen their mathematical foundation, while simultaneously getting ready for the upcoming class.

This program can be adapted to any math level and will be designed based on the student’s individual needs. Prior to beginning the program, students will be asked to complete a questionnaire on their current level in math and submit a sample exam from their most recent math course.

Sample Schedule for student entering Geometry:

Day 1: Intro to solving equations; solving two steps or multivariable equations.

Day 2: Working with the coordinate plane

Day 3: Manipulation and graphing of linear equations

Day 4: Learn strategies to decode word problems

Day 5: Introduction to Geometric vocabulary and concepts

This program meets daily for 75-minute sessions Monday-Thursday at the Thinking Organized office. All programs can be adapted for students in Middle School, High School, or College. Contact us for programs for younger students.

**Master Math can be combined with our Just Write and Ready Reader programs. The combined programs will be offered at a discounted rate.

Please contact the office for program availability: or 301-986-1503

COST: $485/Week
COMBINED PROGRAM COST (Master Math + Ready Reader + Just Write): Discounted to $1,355/Week

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