High School

Programs tailored for high school-aged students include:

  • Ready Reader: Building Comprehension and Summer Reading
  • Just Write: The Writing Process
  • Master Math: High School
  • Operation Back-to-School
  • Exceptional Executive Functioning Skills

Program descriptions and registration links are below.

Each program meets daily for one hour, Monday – Thursday at the Thinking Organized office. Due to the individualized nature of our programs, time slots are scheduled in the order in which registration forms are received.

Ready Reader

Building Comprehension

Literature becomes more complex as students move through school, and their teachers expect sophisticated analysis. Join Thinking Organized this summer to strengthen these core skills in our Ready Reader: Building Comprehension program! During this one-on-one, week-long program, students will learn to build comprehension skills through character analysis, chapter summaries, theme exploration, and annotation. In addition, they will learn how to create and adhere to a reading schedule.

This program can be adapted to any reading level and is designed to help your children:

  • Understand relationships between themes and ideas
  • Develop inferential skills, analyze text, and understand the deeper meaning of literature 
  • Identify tone and purpose in written material


Summer Reading

Required summer reading does not have to be a chore with Thinking Organized’s Ready Reader: Summer Reading program. During this one-on-one or small group, week-long program, students will learn to actively engage in reading through a variety of strategies and activities. Students may either bring in their assigned summer reading or a book of their choice. Imagine – your child can have it all done before school starts and have fun doing it!

This program can be adapted to any reading assignment and is designed to help your children:

  • Divide long-term reading projects into manageable goals
  • Strengthen comprehension of challenging texts
  • Walk away with easy-reference notes to refresh memory when school starts


Just Write: The Writing Process

Just Write: The Writing Process is an individualized approach to improving a student’s writing. In this week-long, one-on-one series, students will learn strategies to assist them in every step of the writing process, including pre-writing, researching, drafting, revising, and editing. Skills such as fluency, organization, transitions, coherency, and analysis will be targeted in each meeting so that students have hands-on practice utilizing these tools. 

Sample Schedule for Program:

  • Day 1: Pre-Writing strategies, structure words, transition words
  • Day 2: Researching, outlining, S.E.E. method
  • Day 3: First drafts, introductions, conclusions
  • Day 4: Revisions, edits, writing schedules


Master Math: High School

Thinking Organized’s Master Math: High School program provides one-on-one support to better help students build confidence in math skills, including algebra, geometry, and calculus. During this week-long program, students will strengthen their mathematical foundation while simultaneously getting ready for the upcoming class.

This program can be adapted to any math level and will be designed based on the student’s individual needs. 

Sample Schedule for students entering Algebra 2:

  • Day 1: Solve linear equations in one variable with coefficients represented by real numbers and variables while graphing them in different forms (e.g., slope-intercept, point-slope, and standard form) 
  • Day 2: Solve systems of equations consisting of two linear equations in two variables, algebraically and graphically
  • Day 3: Solve quadratic equations with one variable using factoring and quadratic formula, as well as work with radicals and various operations of fractions (with and without a calculator)
  •  Day 4: Learn strategies to decode word problems


Operation: Back-to-School

Thinking Organized’s Operation: Back-to-School is an individualized approach to improving key elements of a student’s executive functioning skills that will assist with a smooth transition to the new school year. In this weeklong, one-on-one series, students will learn strategies to develop and expand their material organization, time management, and goal-setting skills.

Schedule for Intensive Program

  • Day 1: Organizing the homework/study environment, using a planner for nightly work, choosing a binder system, purchasing school supplies
  • Day 2: Time management strategies, including using an academic planner or online homework management tool to manage long-term projects
  • Day 3: Learning how to remain focused at home and in school, recognizing when it is appropriate to self-advocate
  • Day 4: Setting school-year goals and making an action plan to achieve these goals

Students must bring a laptop and a pen. It is recommended that students bring their binder and planner for the upcoming school year.


Exceptional Executive Functioning Skills

Join Thinking Organized this summer in an intensive, one-on-one program designed to introduce students to a variety of memory and studying strategies. In Exceptional Executive Functioning Skills, students will learn about their own learning style and the unique methods they can use to better retain and comprehend information while completing homework and preparing for exams. Students will also participate in brain games and simulated studying situations to practice memory and executive functioning skills.

Schedule for Intensive Program

  • Day 1: Identifying and understanding your learning style
  • Day 2: Practicing memory strategies 
  • Day 3: Learning successful study strategies 
  • Day 4: Creating plans for homework, long-term projects, and studying

Students must bring a laptop and a pen.


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