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Understanding the Role of Math in School and Life

Although it’s referred to as the universal language, math is a subject that many shy away from under the guise of it being too difficult to comprehend. Unfortunately, once people meet an obstacle in their mathematical career, instead of finding a way to go through the roadblock, they resolve to abandon the subject as a whole and label it a “lost cause.” 
From that point on, many people stop trying to advance their mathematical endeavors and, consequently, halt the critical thinking skills that may have developed through their explorations of math.
However, since math is a subject that is present at every level of education, from elementary school through college, it is crucial that we introduce math to children as a subject that can be comprehended by all, not just a select few, and show them the different ways in which problems can be approached.

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Erica MechlinskiUnderstanding the Role of Math in School and Life