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A Shout Out to all Thinking Organized Parents

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Congratulations to YOU! We at Thinking Organized would like to express our appreciation to our parents. You who have jumped through hoops to help your children through school; you who have sacrificed work hours and personal time to drive your students here and there; you who have visited teachers, tutors, specialists and school personnel to get your children the help they need; you who have nagged, cajoled, rewarded, set up and maintained structures, instituted schedules, checked grades online, edited papers, built confidence and reviewed study guides; you who go above and beyond every single day. YOU have earned this summer break.

There are so many examples of how Thinking Organized parents make extraordinary efforts to keep their children on track. Just last week when students were furiously beginning their exam preparation, I witnessed two interactions that are typical of the herculean efforts exerted on behalf of our students.

D.S., a high school junior, told his mother that he wanted to do an extra session with me the next day in order to be completely prepared for exams. His mother was thrilled that he was willing to put in the extra time, and suggested a Skype session because of her own work schedule. Looking at the student’s face, it was obvious he wanted to come in person. Looking at his mother’s face, it was obvious she was mentally trying to rearrange many commitments to bring him in person. Go Mom!

J.B., a high school sophomore is a bright, independent young woman who tends to procrastinate and get off focus. However, in therapy, she divided all the tasks necessary for her to finish her research paper and prepare for exams. She was leaving the session with a well-planned schedule to keep her focused and help her accomplish all her work. I asked her father to check in with her on a regular basis over the weekend to ensure that she was on task. You could almost see the aftermath of previous “nagging episodes” play across his face as he replied, “I’ll do my best, even if I get my head bitten off.” Go Dad!

These are just two examples of the events that were repeated all through the weeks before exams. Parents rearranged carpools, forfeited free time, left work early and hired extra drivers to help their children end the school year successfully. You are heroes and we want you to remember the following:

Your hard work is paying off. Your children are listening to the value you place on education and the strong ethics that you are trying to instill. Even when it appears like the last thing they are going to do is take your advice, it is sinking in. They may not be able to reach their goals independently or immediately, but improvement is taking place in terms of motivation, accountability and responsibility. We see it every day.

The entire staff at Thinking Organized would like to thank and applaud our parents for persevering in your efforts despite all odds. Here’s wishing you a very restful summer!

smortoA Shout Out to all Thinking Organized Parents

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