Thinking Organized Book & Workbook


  • Finding homework in his/her backpack, locker or desk?
  • Remembering when things are due?
  • Handing in homework, even when it’s complete?
  • Starting and prioritizing long term projects?
  • Identifying important parts in a reading passage?

Thinking Organized for Parents and Children can help your student improve executive function skills to better organize and manage schoolwork, homework and daily activities.

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I love your book. The best book in organizing!  Thank you, you have changed my life!


“Rhona M. Gordon presents a step-by-step approach for parents to help kids manage their lives.”
Publisher’s Weekly

“This book offers six hands-on planning tools so parents can help prepare their children for a lifetime of success. Each chapter offers a step-by-step guide for parents and their children to learn and practice key skills. This program teaches strategies such as organization of materials, time management, memory tools, note-taking, study skills and written language”

“Instead of blaming children for their failures, ‘Thinking Organized for Parents and Children’ addresses the problems and offer solutions and success stories. I would buy this one in bulk to share with fellow teachers, parents and anyone else who deals with children. As the saying goes, when you know better, you do better!”
Reviewed by Tammy Petty Conrad for Reader Views

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