Technology for Learning

Technology for Learning: Is It Helpful or Harmful?



  • Active engagement in the learning process
  • Easy access to information
  • Increased possibilities for creative thinking and learning
  • Ability to collaborate with others more efficiently


  • Can have a more nebulous quality, making it less concrete and finite
  • Can be overwhelming having to sift through many options to find quality information and programs
  • Can cause too much distraction when not used intentionally

The Bottom Line

  • Technology can be customized to fit any person’s needs. Do you prefer to read an article on paper, but use an app to study vocabulary words? No problem. Do you like to brainstorm with pencil and paper, but type up a rough draft on Google Docs? Perfect. The capabilities of technology are almost limitless when it comes to the learning process; one simply has to discover the purposeful combination that best suits his or her learning style.


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Erica MechlinskiTechnology for Learning