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Motivation in the Age of COVID-19

We all struggle with motivation sometimes. With many schools and workplaces moving back and forth from in-person to virtual, it can feel like we have lost progress in getting back to “normal.” The next few months will be cold, and the days will still be short, but we need to use this time wisely to complete our work and keep moving forward. However, what if we find ourselves playing videogames or sitting on the couch avoiding our work instead? When we perceive a task as too challenging or tedious, we tend to lose motivation and seek every opportunity to avoid it. In the age of COVID-19, where our schedules are still a bit erratic and life is anything but “normal,” it can be hard to maintain motivation to complete tasks that we just do not view as important. Here are some ideas to help you regain that momentum and productivity to make it to spring break and beyond.

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Erica MechlinskiMotivation in the Age of COVID-19