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Flexible Thinking for the School Year

We are a quarter of the way through the academic year, and everything is just starting to fall back into a regular pace for kids, where they have to manage their homework while simultaneously juggling their extracurricular activities. In the midst of all the chaos, parents can use this opportunity to help their children hone their flexible thinking skills.
Flexible thinking is the ability to shift attentional focus and strategic problem-solving approaches from one aspect of a complex stimulus to another and to move freely from one situation, activity, or aspect of a problem to another as the circumstances demand. This skill is crucial to social development, as it helps children get along with others even if they have differences and makes group work more effective. 
Some children with learning and attention issues have trouble seeing other viewpoints and alternative ways of doing things, so it’s important for them to practice strengthening their flexible thinking skills by incorporating them into everyday tasks and activities.  

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Erica MechlinskiFlexible Thinking for the School Year