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When “I Have to” Isn’t Motivating Enough

Strategies to Build Momentum, Visualize Time, and Overcome Procrastination in Everyday Life
Everyone has expectations that they need to meet in their personal life, at work, or at school. Sometimes, though, these can be challenging to meet. Some of us, especially those with ADHD, may have difficulties managing and tracking time, which can lead to an inefficient work schedule. This poor perception of time passing is known as “time blindness.” Procrastination and low motivation can also interfere with our ability to achieve our goals. Experts believe that there are many reasons why we procrastinate, including a lack of self-efficacy, impulsivity, perfectionistic tendencies, and more. Due to this variability, there is no single solution to time blindness and it must be addressed on an individualized basis. Although losing track of time and putting things off happen to most of us from time to time, chronic issues can have serious negative repercussions on our lives. At Thinking Organized, we recognize that developing effective strategies to counter these difficulties can have positive, life-changing consequences. Here are several tips to start difficult tasks and stay on track.

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Erica MechlinskiWhen “I Have to” Isn’t Motivating Enough