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Shelter from the Storm – A Moment for Mindfulness

For students and parents of all ages, the practice of mindfulness is a powerful tool for staying focused throughout the day. As the world seeks ways to cope with the increased stress of working and studying from home as a result of COVID-19, adding resources for remaining grounded has never been more important. Mindfulness is the practice of focusing one’s attention on the present moment without judgement. Studies have shown a wide variety of benefits of using this practice, ranging from increased emotional control to greater concentration. Like most things, mindfulness can be difficult for beginners, but with regular practice even the most skeptical can become comfortable with the practice.
By incorporating mindfulness into your children’s regular routines, you can help them build a powerful tool for managing moments of stress and emotional confusion throughout the day.

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Erica MechlinskiShelter from the Storm – A Moment for Mindfulness