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Sailing into the School Year

Think back to the time when you were a young student. No matter how much time has passed, we can all recall the last few days of summer before the first day of school. Feelings of excitement, anticipation, and anxiety, can all resurface when we look at a back-to-school advertisement and transport ourselves to an age where we had a bedtime or carried a heavy backpack full of textbooks each day. Instead of waiting until the final days before the first day, why not ease into the back-to-school transition while continuing to enjoy all that the end of summer has to offer? Taking the last one to two weeks of August to slowly merge the hustle and bustle of the upcoming school year with the relaxation of summer vacation mode can help reduce stress and the end of summer blues. There are a number of items you can check off of your to-do list in advance to help the whole family sail smoothly into the new school year.

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Erica MechlinskiSailing into the School Year