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Conquering the Second Half Slump

For many adults, the month of January represents a fresh start. Whether it is dedicating oneself to a more frequent exercise routine, cooking healthier meals at home, or completing a project at work, it is common to reflect on the year that has passed and recharge for the year ahead.
Students may look at it a bit differently. As they roll out of bed for the first day back to school after the holidays, the second half of the year looms in front of them like a dense fog on a mild winter’s morning. They might struggle to regain momentum after working so hard throughout the first half of the year and motivation can begin to wane.
All students want to be successful, but when they do not know how to achieve success or are facing what may feel like insurmountable challenges, it is hard to maintain the inner drive to keep pushing forward day after day.
Parents can help their students by reinforcing efficient and effective habits so that their children return to school feeling confident and reinvigorated to tackle the second half of the school year.


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Erica MechlinskiConquering the Second Half Slump