App Spotlight

Three Websites for Improving Productivity


Noisli is a sound app that offers a variety of noises designed to help a person better focus on their work and be productive. There are sixteen sounds to choose from: rain, thunderstorm, wind, forest, leaves, water stream, seaside, water, bonfire, summer night, fan, train, coffee shop, white noise, pink noise, and brown noise. You can play as many sounds at once as you would like until you find a unique combination that works perfectly for you. The thought process behind Nosili is that people work better in a relaxing sound environment because it stimulates the brain. In addition to providing sounds, Noisli also offers a text feature so you can write undistracted, a timer where your chosen sounds fade out after a predetermined time to alert you when your timer has reached the end, and a background that gradually changes color. This is a great app for homework and learning how to manage time.

Written? Kitten!

The premise behind this website is so simple and cute that it’s almost genius. For every 100 words that you write on the site’s textpad, you receive a picture of a precious kitten. If you’re not a kitten person, you can change the photos to those of puppies or bunnies. Additionally, if you desire a larger challenge, you can change the settings so that you don’t get a picture until you write either 200, 500, or 1000 words. This is a website that revels in the rewards system as a motivational factor, and it enables students to set writing goals for themselves. For instance, if they get two pictures of a kitten, they can take a fifteen-minute break.

Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey is exactly what it sounds like: the complete and total stoppage of something. In this case, it’s the complete and total stoppage of utilizing distracting websites. Once you download the software, you can input the websites that you tend to visit when you’re trying to work on a task. You set a timer for how long these websites should be blocked, and that’s it! Cold Turkey blocks access to these sites until the timer is up; even if you try to stop the timer or uninstall the software and reinstall it, Cold Turkey persevers and refuses to let you procrastinate.

Erica MechlinskiThree Websites for Improving Productivity