Navigating the Road to College

Created for 10th and 11th grade students (and parents), “Navigating the Road to College” will take place conveniently around your student’s schedule and will be adapted to meet his/her individual needs.

Applying for college is not an easy road to navigate. It requires a clear map, plenty of signposts, and an organized approach at every turn. With solid time management skills, students can juggle multiple deadlines and prevent last minute scrambling. With an organized approach to writing, students can successfully draft and revise application essays and supplements. Strong executive functioning skills empower students to meet the challenges of the application process head on.

Join Rhona Gordon, president and founder of Thinking Organized and award winning author of Thinking Organized for Parents and Children, in a summer seminar series for students preparing to apply to college and their parents. Seminars will focus on setting priorities and goals; making and revising plans; and initiating, executing and completing the different tasks in the application process. Each session will have a specific assignment to move you along in this process, and will also teach you a technique or skill that will help you, not only in school, but also in life.


Session 1 – Getting Started: The Calendar of Many Deadlines

  • Manage the many deadlines associated with applying to college, including multiple school applications, essays, supplements, teacher letters of recommendations, transcript orders and more.
  • Create interim deadlines to help manage successful completion of multiple tasks, e.g. completing the first draft of an essay or specific sections of the common application.
  • Set up and navigate your common application online account.
  • Life Application: Time management and material organization for overall accountability and creating interim deadlines to successfully complete multiple tasks.

Session 2 – Putting Yourself on Paper: The Common App

  • Learn strategies to create a workable plan for tackling the common application.
  • Learn how to start organizing your thoughts into an essay that demonstrates your personal strengths and uniqueness.
  • Begin the first draft of your essay. Students will work on individual essays independently and regroup in Session 4 to review.
  • Life Application: Strategies to highlight your positive attributes in writing. You will revisit these strategies for future writing in college and when you enter the job market.

Session 3 – Tailoring Your Story: Supplemental Essays & Interview Skills

  • Review and plan next steps on the essay that you started in Session 2.
  • Learn how to tailor your story and experience for the supplements, including how to look at a school, what attracted you to the school and how to include the information in the supplement.
  • Learn how to divide and organize content from your essays to be reused for multiple colleges.
  • Learn key tips for your interview with an admissions counselor and college alum.
  • Life Application: Understanding how to present yourself—in person and writing—in a positive and professional way, as well as interview skills.


Goal-setting and Supporting Your Child Through the Application Process

  • Understand how to organize the “calendar of many deadlines,” incorporating deadlines set by high school counselors and colleges.
  • Understand the common application process and navigating the online portal.
  • Learn an organized approach to the supplemental essays that reuses content from one to another, simplifying the process.
  • Understand the importance of practicing skills for on campus interviews and learn how to set up a mock interview with your child.
  • Gain a better understanding of the whole application process, what your child will need to accomplish and how to support your child during the process.

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