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Tackling Exams with Technology

It’s that time of year again, the time of year when only one thing is separating students from the final school bell and the promise of a relaxing, pleasant summer…exams. For most students, being assessed on a high volume of material across subject matters is overwhelming and stressful. When do you start? What and how do you study? How do you fit study time into a schedule already packed full of other academic and extracurricular activities? Luckily, there are some great task managers out there that are designed to streamline the planning and studying process for students at all levels.

There are many benefits of using online tools to manage study habits. One major advantage is accessibility. Students can have their study materials and schedule with them at all times so that they can use their free time wisely anywhere they go. Studying works well in short, focused bursts over an extended period of time, so having everything at the touch of a button can really maximize the quality and quantity of study time. Another plus of using technology is the advanced features that it can provide to help students visually track their progress and maintain a collection of tasks or study tools.

There are thousands of apps and websites out there to help students manage their study habits. Some are primarily geared toward task management, while others are designed more for assessing knowledge of the content. We found two newer programs that serve each of those purposes: GoConqr and My Study Life both help students stay on track and take an active role in the studying process as they look ahead toward finals.

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smortoTackling Exams with Technology