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COVID-19 and Cognition: Executive Function Struggles Following COVID

We are two years into a pandemic, and by now most of us have either contracted COVID-19 or know somebody who has. The serious effects of COVID, especially among those hospitalized or severely ill with the virus, are becoming more and more known. Less widely known are the potentially lasting effects that the coronavirus can have on those with only mild or moderate cases. There is evidence to suggest that cognition can be impacted in healthy individuals with a prior case of COVID. Many people may be unaware that COVID can impact their cognitive skills, and therefore feel confused or upset when changes in their memory or attention occur. These new difficulties have been described as having “COVID fog” or “COVID brain.” Awareness of the impacts of COVID on cognition can be an important step in helping people to overcome any new challenges that they may face post-COVID.

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Erica MechlinskiCOVID-19 and Cognition: Executive Function Struggles Following COVID